Bio: Karmma (Read More)

Bio: Karmma (Read More) | Critic Circle

Karmma started rapping undercover at the age of 10 in boarding school. Two years later, he decided to take a

break from music due to personal reasons. He released his first official single LO on the 20th of November 2017 which got positive reviews from music critics and the likes.
He also featured on GORILLA TV’S ASAP SESSIONS in February of 2018. He didn’t stop there and released his second official single NOTED featuring Kwamz in March 2018. He released his third single titled YES in June 2018. On the 10th of November, he released fourth single and his third in 2018 titled LETTER TO MY EX featuring amazing vocalist SHINZU.

He is currently rumoured to be working on his first body of work Titled DARK TIMES which he intends to release in 2019.

Bio: Karmma (Read More) | Critic Circle

Background Information

Birth name: Isika Daniel Chukwuemeka

Also Known as: Karmma

Born: July 29th 2000

Genres: Hip Hop/ Rap

Occupation: Student

Years active: 2018 – Present

Social media handles: He can be reached on twitter and instagram @dr_karmma.

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