Bio: Chuvano (Read More)

Bio: Chuvano (Read More) | Critic Circle


Controversial, Style, Elegance and Diligence are some of the attributes that best describe the artistry of this Talented Singer,

Songwriter, Recording and Performing artiste.

In a swift conversation with Critic Circle, giving a description of himself he had this to say,

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“My name is CHUVANO,
24 year old Nigerian, afrobeat Singer, Songwriter and recording artiste with H Money Business Entertainment. “That’s just me lol” he said in simple words.

Bio: Chuvano (Read More) | Critic Circle

The University of Benin alumnus is a Fast rising multi talented entertainer and Crooner of famous songs “Eba” and “Village Meeting”

Fondly called the Spiritual Murano for his sleek and deep lyrics style of music.
No doubt his style of music is fast going to earn him a master spot in the mainstream.”

Bio: Chuvano (Read More) | Critic Circle

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