Creative Manager, OVO Tease New and Upcoming Projects For 2022


OVO and P.O.T.S

A few weeks ago, Content Creator & Creative Manager OVO emphasized the vision set by his brand P.O.T.S, enlisting the purpose and need for the outfit to be respected.

OVO Talking about his craft and the works put in place by his brand. He mentioned, in Quote “The Creative space is a home for everything peace and happiness should outline, and this is why we are building the right brand and covering the loopholes, filling the gap, building a place where art and craft can be respected and valued for what it is.

It’s been weeks, and not only has the brand shown up to their deeds, but they also mean well to show out and with the most recent collaborative project with FineDope, Family Business. Featuring two of the best Creatives in Nigeria, Favi, and Huloo, it is safe to say, a lot is going on, and we are here for it.

Creative Manager, Ovo Tease New And Upcoming Projects For 2022

The Project: Family Business

Family Business , Released on December 2nd, has already grown to radio stations, and lots of music enthusiasts, music lovers are picking a favourite off the project.

Earning desirable remarks and applauds daily, Family Business is fully rising in the charts to become one of the Finest Hip Hop Records made in a long while.

The 3 Track Project-EP, Family Business A&R’d by OVO, featured Collab Effects and Bounce Energy From Hip Hop Talents, Favi and Huloo, who also double up as Music Engineer, mixing all beautiful records.

What is Next?

Although gaining traction and making headlines, OVO also teased more upcoming projects, and he’s pretty excited about most of it and can’t wait to share it with everyone out there.

I guess we all have the Vibe from Pride Of The South and Best Believe we love it

Creative Manager, Ovo Tease New And Upcoming Projects For 2022
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