Events: Electro Fest – All You Need To Know [See Details]

Events: Electro Fest Happening On October 1St- All You Need To Know [See Details

If you happen to live in Benin City, Be a Student of the University of Benin and its Environs., then it is not new to you that one of the most anticipated events in recent times, Electro Fest is happening on October 1st. As though there is a lot you probably already know, we had to pull up a few nuggets for those who are still contemplating if they are going to be present or not.

Well, we do believe that decision is best yours to make. So, therefore, for more clarification, we had a conversation with the event organizer, Sharing the most details about this event and possible reasons why you shouldn’t miss these electrifying moments in the event scheduled for October 1st.

Events: Electro Fest Happening On October 1St- All You Need To Know [See Details

Asked Series of questions, such as,
What is Electro Fest About?,
What Should People Expect From Electro Fest?,
Why Should Anyone Attend Electro Fest?
He said as we state below,

Electro fest is an event, scheduled to hold on October 1st, with a ticket price of just 1000naira Only.

We arrived at the ticket being 1000Naira Because it’s a fest, and it should be affordable to everyone and make everyone special (creating classless environs)

People should expect and should attend because Lots of activities have been confirmed. So many activities that are usually not done, a lot of musical performances, dance and unseen healthy competitions.

Also, it is an avenue to network and meet new people. Whether being creative or not.

In summary, Electro fest is having fun at the least price!

A different vibe!

Events: Electro Fest Happening On October 1St- All You Need To Know [See Details

It is safe to say, the event, Electro Fest is fully packed as it also has lots of familiar faces who have shown interest and validation of their presence. Few guests confirmed from influencers, comic cons, artistes include Four Eyed Edo Boy, Tha Edoboy, Girlwithdsign, Saint Bellington, etc.

and of course, you can Get your electro fest tickets online from the link below


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