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Harry Carter — Right Now [Listen Now]

    Harry Carter — Right Now [Listen Now]

    GO BACK TO YOUR EX! Right Now! - Harry Carter Advices As He Drops New Single Exclusively On Audiomack Hey, Its Critic Circle, and we wish you the Merry C.

    Nigerian artiste Harry Carter, renowned for his soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics, has unveiled his latest musical gem, “Right Now.” The single is a heartfelt invitation to listeners to revisit past connections, and it is shared exclusively on Audiomack.

    Nigerian artiste, Harry Carter has more than just good tidings for his fans, music listeners and music lovers who cares to dabble into the expression of the heart.

    In a personal and revealing email sent earlier today, Harry Carter shared his sentiments on the new release. The subject line, “GO BACK TO YOUR EX Right Now!” intrigued fans, setting the stage for the emotional journey embedded in the song.

    In the email, Harry Carter addresses his fans affectionately as “Hey Cartan!” and expresses his excitement about the upcoming musical journey in the coming year. He reveals his aspiration to achieve the milestone of reaching a million streams on Audiomack with the exclusive release of “Right Now.”

    “‘Right Now’ is about the person we all fumbled some time ago in our life,” Harry Carter confesses. The song which was produced by Inbloom and King Efexx, explores the universal theme of revisiting past relationships and the self-sabotage that often accompanies such decisions. He urges listeners to reflect on missed opportunities and reconnect with someone they may have let slip away.

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    The email playfully references notable celebrity reconciliations, such as Burna and Steff London, Yhemo Lee, and others, drawing parallels to his own musical message. Harry Carter encourages his audience to take a leap of faith in matters of the heart, with a charming note: “Call that person and hopefully this time next year you’ll be in matching Pyjamas’ together.”

    “Right Now” By Harry Carter is now available exclusively on Audiomack

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