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Hip Hop: Alpha Ojini – LAMB-A (Review by Ogbeni Shinzu)

    Hip Hop: Alpha Ojini – LAMB-A (Review by Ogbeni Shinzu)

    Reviewing Alpha’s L.A.M.B.A

    Ok Ok 😂😂, i’ll start from the back, but first off i’d like to say Alpha Ojini gave yung6ix

    one hell of an ass-whooping with this, u see that part where he went on to show yung6ix the exploits of the people he termed kids. that was just Gold a fucking beautiful way to reply to that statement..

    Now the review itself

    Alpha, a close associate of the Lamb boys comes out defending the integrity of his associates but funny thing about this defence is that it feels more like an attack like Alpha jus went strait in,ripping niggas off Headshots, Acute punches, name it what ever form of beastiality u can think of (i’m not sure if the oyibo beastiality exists sha). Alpha doesn’t just throw shade at Yung6ix.

    he goes on to address certain industry issues like blowin up as a rapper and shady record deals most labels offer.

    With all said and done L.A.M.B.A is a beautiful piece i think every rap enthusiast should check out and i look forward to L.A.M.B.6..let’s say young6ix replies..the hiphop game is booming and i’m loving it

    Article/Review by Ogbeni_Shinzu

    Check out Alpha’s LAMBA HERE

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