True Story Behind Victor Ad Raising 2.5Million For a Girl In a Club [See Details]

Did Victor AD raise the amount of 2.5million for a girl in the club? well if you are really inquisitive and would love to know what really happened then it’s okay to keep reading.

Victor Ad  At Sheddiz Empire

First off, it was not a Club, This incident actually happened right at the show “Engineering Feast” which was hosted by Sheddiz Empire.

Did Victor Ad Raise The Amount Of 2.5Million For A Girl In The Club? Well If You Are Really Inquisitive And Would Love To Know What Really Happened Then It'S Okay To Keep Reading.

A few hours ago, Popular Channel, Instablog shared a video with a caption indicating the sum of 2.5million was raised for an unknown girl at the club to help support her education and as expected there were lots of mixed reactions as most made healthy comments on the selfless act of Victor AD while others, as usual, gave derogatory comments with assumptions on how the money would be spent. soothing, nevertheless beautiful to see, it seems there was more to this and maybe some mix up of information was laid out to the public.

In a conversation with Director Ray, Newbled Tv, the media director of the event, who recorded the scene, we discovered a few details that weren’t mentioned at first and we decided to share this here for clarity.

Victor Ad At Sheddiz Empire

Victor AD was invited for an event, Engineering Feast which also had guests such as Edo Pikin, Bongo, Bad Boy AV, and lots more. Hosted by Sheddiz Empire, the Shedibalabala crooner, prior to information earlier laid out, the incident actually happened right at the turn out of the show, during the performance of Victor AD who actually kicked off the campaign and stated in his words “na our dorime be this, our dorime na to dey change people life.

For more information, we had a more interesting conversation with Director Ray who gave the hints on how it all went down, and this in his words, he said and we quote

“I was the media guy recording as at that minute and I actually made the all whole thing happen. I was recording at that particular moment when I actually saw her crying and singing along to the song “Wetin we gain” passionately I had to just keep the camera on her face.. trying to get the attention of Victor AD directly but he didn’t notice, then later went upstage to meet Victor AD stage security guy who eventually Brought her attention to him and she was called up, the rest was history.”

Check Out Video Below

Director Ray also revealed that opposed to the 2.5million going rounds, the sum actually gathered was the sum of 500thousand naira which was transferred to her on the spot right there.

Victor Ad At Sheddiz Empire

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