Bio: King Efexx (Read More)

Bio: King Efexx (Read More) | Critic Circle

Osa Lucky Efosa, known professionally as King Efexx is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.

He started recording music at age 12.

He has released a couple of songs and featured in a lot of songs as well. Singles released includes “All Eyes On Me”, “Asiko Ni Owo”, “Megastar”, “Aye” , “Only One God” and “Lowo” and lots of featured songs.

Bio: King Efexx (Read More) | Critic Circle

Background Information

Birth name: Osa Lucky Efosa

Also Know As: Megastar

Born: 1 November 1996

Genres: Afrobeat, Afropop, Dancehall, Hip-Hop

Occupation: Singer. Songwriter. Performer

Years active: 2008 – present

Award(s): GreatFame Award
Bio: King Efexx (Read More) | Critic Circle

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